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Precina helps you feel better, faster. Our physicians, Nurses and Social Workers monitor your diabetes every day – just as you do. We meet with you consistently and give you unlimited access to our clinicians for any question – all without having to leave your home. Together with your other Doctor’s guidance, we will make small changes that lead to big improvements in how you feel. You can trust our experts in diabetes and chronic disease to guide you on your health journey – keeping your Doctors updated every step of the way..

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When I was first diagnosed with diabetes... I was overwhelmed by all the new numbers and measurements I had to keep track of. Using the digital solution helped me keep track of my blood sugar levels, what I eat, and organize my meds. It was helpful to have everything in one place. If I was only keeping track using pen and paper, I wouldn’t record data points nearly as much as I do now.”


It senses automatically when I need supplies or any lancets. All I have to do is just refer to the system and place the order on it and then they put the order in for anything that I need. So, that’s good.”


My physician suggested that I use a digital health tool. I feel that it has helped me significantly, especially to keep track of my glucose every day. It has helped me in learning what my trends are throughout the day and it has helped me manage my medications as well.”


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Yes, we now accept Medicare, Medicaid and all major insurance providers.

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Yes, Diabetes is hard, especially if you have other health challenges. Our team is available to you as often as needed. We monitor you and reach out to help as needed.