How much does it cost to speak to a doctor? Our consultations are FREE, contact us today to start a better healthier life. Can Precina Prescribe Medication? Yes, you can get a prescription from the comfort of your own home.  Does Precina Accept Insurance? Yes, we now accept Medicare, Medicaid and all major insurance providers. […]

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Let us help you we pay attention daily Our team looks at your charts each day. If you have trouble taking blood sugar affording medicine, we are here to help.  Learn more MISSION-DRIVEN We will help improve your life one day at a time Together with your other Doctor’s guidance, we will make small changes […]

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Diabetes experts for the life you want This text briefly introduces visitors to your main services.83% of controlled patients stayed in control for 2 years! Step 1 Help you get your diabetes under control and improve your health Step 2 Simplify instructions and adjust your medicines to help you take the right medicine at the […]

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